"Fantastic things happen when children Explore and Discover the world around them. It's one of the greatest forms of Education and happens best when they are Nurtured in a safe and relaxed environment"
Jodi McFarlane - Founder

EDEN Home Base Childcare

EDEN Childcare is a 100% Kiwi owned and operated home-based childcare provider that is licenced by the ministry of education. Unlike childcare centres, our maximum ratio is one Educator to four children (including a maximum of two under two's). 

Our role is to support the Educators who Educate and Nurture the children in their care. Through this relationship we ensure EDEN children get the best opportunities for their pre-school years.

At EDEN, children are our number one priority. We believe that children learn best through their own adventures in a safe, relaxed environment. EDEN children get to do everything that New Zealand children should be doing, climbing, baking, laughing, singing, messy play, dancing and exploring nature.

EDEN Educators are supported by fully qualified, registered, experienced Early Childhood teachers to ensure that learning experiences are challenging your child’s skills, knowledge and interests.

At EDEN we provide the opportunities to form real, responsive relationships with children and families, and embrace the wider community as a whole.

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