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Welcome to
EDEN Childcare

'Wisdom Begins in Wonder'

Are you an ECE teacher in a centre who is looking for a change of direction and pace? Maybe you’re seeking to be less reponsible for ‘crowd control’ and instead doing more of what you trained for – teaching?
Are you sitting at home as a new parent wondering where to begin with getting back into the workforce and how are you going to find quality child care for your little one?
Do you wish to start your own business and work from home and is passionate about quality childcare?
EDEN'S Origin Story


  1. Maximum ratio one Educator to four children (max. two under two)

  2. Flexible hours to suit your individual needs.

  3. Up to 20 hours ECE per week for all children 3 and over.

  4. Great rates and access to WINZ subsidies.

  5. FREE regular playgroups and outings for EDEN educators to attend with your children

  6. FREE professional development and workshops for EDEN educators to keep skills and knowledge up to date.


We understand that Parents have different needs, in different areas, and at different times. We’ve found the best process is to contact one of our consultants, or send an email, so we can get to understand what you want.

The consultant can then recommend the most suitable Educator, or a choice of a few, for you to meet and decide if they are right for you.


  1. We have top quality educators who are located locally in your area offering flexible hours, and are individually chosen by you.

  2. Our Educators are committed to providing top quality care and education in a nurturing, relaxed, safe home environment.

  3. You will receive daily information and updates on your child’s education and care.

  4. Our fully qualified, registered Early Childcare teachers visit your child regularly in your educators home and at various events and outings.

  5. Every educator has a current first aid certificate and police check before starting with EDEN Childcare.

  6. Each child has an individual development programme to meet their needs and learning outcomes. A portfolio is provided to capture their journey.


Imagine waking up and realising your home is your office! Imagine you are effortlessly running your very own home-based childcare business, all without leaving the comfort of your home. Imagine giving your child the attention they deserve in a home away from home enviroment with an Eden childcare educator?

Are you ready for a change?

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Reaching Out

Send us an email or go direct to our consultant

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