Eden Explorers

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Only where children gather is there any real chance of fun.

Mignon McLaughlin

EDEN EXPLORERS was created as a means to provide children with regular interactive experiences with nature.  It’s a chance for them to explore, discover and question the world around them in a safe and expressive way.

Our EDEN EXPLORER troop aims at helping kids challenge themselves, learning about risk taking, developing confidence while at the same time making great friends.


Your kids will be exposed to all types of nature & animals, all in UltraHD quality. There really isn’t any substitute for the likes of climbing trees, making huts, splashing in puddles and interacting with wildlife.

EDEN Explorers was set up for EDEN Educators to have regular outings for children in their care. EDEN Families are also welcome to participate outside of normal booking hours. 

Our desire is to run this opportunity to any pre-school children so long as they are accompanied by their caregiver. (NOTE: A small charge may apply for non-EDEN children.)

EDEN Explorers gives children and their caregivers more time to spnd outdoors, exploring and discovering through play and with others.

Children experience the ‘feel of the outdoors’, the smells, the silence, notice the effects of temperature, wind, light, shadow, clouds, colours, leaves and much more.

It’s an opportunity for kids to just be kids – climbing trees, making huts, playing with friends with no set agenda or expectations.

Children are able to roam around freely and experience “real stuff” as opposed to plastic toys, but of course in a safe and supervised environment.

An opportunity for families to meet like-minded people who see the value in children exploring in the great outdoors.

Different weather conditions bring different experiences. Children usually enjoy playing outdoors in the rain. In most cases we’ll still get out there and make the most of the opportunity. However if it does get too extreme we may cancel due to safety.


Snacks and a bottle of water

Appropriate clothing for the weather

Change of clothes

Insect repellant | Sunscreen

Medication (if required)


Equipment that will enhance children’s learning in the outdoors

Equipment that will enhance children’s learning in the outdoors

First-Aid Kit