More and more homebased Educators are choosing not to be associated with a Ministry of Education licensed operator. Maybe there is too much paperwork. Maybe there are too many pointless regulations. Maybe they are not interested in getting qualified. Maybe it is something else.
Educators love what they do which is educating and nurturing pre-school children. Generally speaking, Educators are not interested in paperwork. edenpayroll is here to help.

We will invoice families on your behalf. We will collect their payment and chase them if they get behind. We track what and when they pay.

Every week you will be paid what is owed to you, even if families are late paying or haven’t paid enough. We can deduct tax at an agreed amount and pay this to IRD on your behalf (conditions apply)

Going private does not mean no paperwork. We can provide templates for the key things – enrolment form, service conditions, self-safety checking (to protect you) and we’d still use time sheets to determine invoices.

Independent Brand
This is still being developed but if enough Educators want to share a brand to give the impression of being part of something big, we can develop something.

Unfortunately, by not operating under a Ministry of Education license there is no funding so we must charge for the service and the cost will have to be built into what you charge families. And, there will not be access to 20ece or WINZ subsidies.