There is much to consider if you wish to become an EDEN Childcare home-based educator. In the following video, we’ll be touching on all the pros & cons of each system so that you’re able to decide for yourself if this venture is right for you.

  1. You’re able to take care of your own children as part of your business. This is not only one of the biggest reasons why educators start a home-based childcare business but your own children can count towards the total number of children you can watch (which is a maximum of four under the age of five).

  2. If having nights and weekends to yourself is a priority, this is a venture that should fit into that plan. Your schedule likely will follow standard business hours, and you won’t have to accommodate weekend or holiday hours. You get to set the hours that will suit you and your family.


  3. If you have a passion for early childhood education, this is an opportunity to play a key role in the lives of the children under your care. You can positively impact their growth and development through organized and stimulating games and activities, better preparing them for school when they are old enough to attend. For older children you watch after school hours, you can help them with their homework and to develop good study habits at an early age.


  4. There should be no shortage of potential clients, as parents are always looking for quality day-care for their children. And the better your reputation, and that of the provider you choose, the more demand there will be for your services based on word-of-mouth marketing.


  5. Good income, you get to set the rate and potentially can earn a great salary and income, also with working from home there are also tax benefits.

  1. Start-up costs, depending on how prepared your home is for such a business. Areas, where children will have access, need to be made safe and age-appropriate if they are not already. This includes your outside area, as children will need to have access to a fenced outdoor space.

  2. Taking care of multiple children in your home means dedicating a large portion of your living space to the operation. Make sure this is something you and all family members are willing to do before committing to such a venture.


  3. Lack of privacy. You are opening your home up as a business, this is not something everyone feels comfortable with.